Westfield Fire & Rescue

Our Mission:

Duty. Honor. Community.

The Westfield Township Fire Department is dedicated to providing timely, effective and professional quality emergency medical and fire safety services to our diverse and continually changing community. By using all available resources in the most efficient, responsible and compassionate manner, we meet the needs of our members as well as those of the community at large.

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We’re Here for You * 24/7 *

Your Westfield Fire Department consists of 30 dedicated volunteers, daytime staff and a full time Chief. These men and women are your friends and neighbors who are committed to respond when needed most.

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Fire Calls in 2017

A fire doubles every 60-seconds, so providing our dedicated volunteers with easier access to equipment can be the difference between a small fire or a total loss.


Emergency Medical Service Responses in 2017

Every minute matters when responding to emergency calls. For each minute sooner we reach someone suffering from cardiac arrest, their chance of survival increases by 10 percent. 


Motor VEHICLE Accidents in 2017

Thousands of vehicles travel through our area via I-71 and I-76 each day increasing our district to the service of over 6,000 individuals. Our department covers more highway mileage than any other department in the county.